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Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses - Family 4 Pack

Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses - Family 4 Pack

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100% made in the USA by American Paper Optics. Don't risk your eyesight on cheap Chinese fakes!

These CE & ISO 12312-2:2015 certified, made in the USA solar eclipse safety glasses are designed to protect you, your friends and your family while viewing a solar eclipse. The glasses allow you to observe the eclipse safely without risking permanent eye damage leading up to and after the total eclipse event.

These solar eclipse glasses are manufactured here in the USA with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. Our premium eclipse filters create the sharpest solar images with a natural orange color. With an optical density of 5 or greater, our ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested and safe for all phases of the eclipse.

For your safety, and that of your family, remember to never look directly at the sun at anytime - even during an eclipse!  And no matter where you get your solar eclipse glasses from, make sure they are ISO certified and made in the USA.

Designs will vary. 

All our glasses are CE certified and conform to and are certified for the ISO 12312-2:2015 standard.  All of our glasses are manufactured right here in the USA by American Paper Optics and have been verified and approved by the American Astronomical Society.

Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and returns cannot be accepted.   VERIFY YOUR ADDRESS - we will not be responsible for orders that are delivered to addresses that are wrong/you moved away from/you aren't home for/etc.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE YOU HIT THE PURCHASE BUTTON.

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